A puzzle game originally developed for Virtual Reality. Look around for the pieces using the mouse. Click on a piece to select it, then rotate with the mouse wheel. Guide the piece over the game board then click again to place it. If the shadow is red, the piece can't be placed in that position. If the shadow is blue, the piece will lock in place when you click the mouse.

Click the screen to lock the cursor. Tap Esc to release the cursor. Pressing Esc again will bring up the menu to start a new game.

This is an early prototype of a game that may eventually be played on the HTC Vive or similar VR Headset with hand tracking, and possibly adapted for use in Virtual Reality Therapy.

Music, sound effects, skybox, and special effects provided by various contributors to Unity Asset Store. Everything else was made by me.

Made withUnity
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityOne button

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